About Comet Goldfish – The upgraded version of the common goldfish

The most common breed of goldfish that you have come across is… well, the common goldfish. This breed is so readily available that it becomes so cheap to the point of being used as feeder fish i.e. as food for bigger, more aggressive aquatic animals.

In the late 1800s, an upgraded version of the common goldfish was bred in the US. What came out from that was a new breed of goldfish called the Comet. It is so similar to its ancestor that new goldfish keepers tend to confuse them with each other.

Well, what is different about the Comet goldfish is that it has a longer body and fins, which gives it a trailing effect when swimming… like a comet.

About Comet Goldfish

Characteristics of a Comet Goldfish

Body Shape

Comet goldfish breed has a streamlined body.  This basically means that it has a hydrodynamic design that allows it to glide through the water with extreme ease. As compared to its common goldfish ancestor, the Comet has a longer body. Although this is one of the differentiating characteristics, it is still a bit difficult to spot the difference.


Checking the fins is an easier approach to identify the comet goldfish from the commons. A comet goldfish has a forked single tail that is long and trailing. Its other fins are also longer.

Comet Goldfish

Don’t you think the longer fins make them look prettier?


Comets come in more color variations that the common goldfish. The usual colorations that you will come across are solid yellow, red, orange, white and the red/white color variety called the Sarasa Comet.

Red White Comet Goldfish

About Comet Goldfish Care

Like its common goldfish ancestor, the Comet is also considered a hardier breed of goldfish. This means as compared to their fancy counterparts, the comets are more able to withstand less than ideal situations BUT this doesn’t mean that you can neglect them!

Water Quality

As with any breeds of goldfish, or any fish in this matter, Comets need to be kept in good quality water.  This basically means that the water should be free from Ammonia and Nitrite, and with an acceptable level of Nitrate. This can be achieved by having a cycled fish tank and regular water change.


Comet goldfish can grow very large, yes… easily more than 12″ in body length. So it is cruel to keep them in small spaces. Ideally, you should give them at least 20 gallons for each comet goldfish due to their growth potential and their active nature. A pond will be a better housing for this breed.

As Comets are strong swimmers and potential jumpers, always have a fish tank cover if you are keeping them in a fish tank, a big one I hope!


Goldfish, in general, requires a varied diet. They are many off-the-shelf goldfish foods widely available and formulated to meet their nutrients needs. However, it is still advisable to feed them a combination of prepared and fresh food. Check out this post on what else you can feed your comet goldfish.


We all know that due to the prolific nature of the common goldfish, this breed is considered of the lowest status in the goldfish world. Then the Comet goldfish came along as an upgraded version of the common goldfish, with its long body and trailing fins, definitely prettier.

What is sad about Comet goldfish is that it has fallen to the same fate as the common goldfish. Due to their abundance, the comets too have become relatively cheap and are given out freely as prizes in your local carnivals or are being fed to that badass looking giant fish that you have.

Anyhow if you are keeping this breed of goldfish, you must give them proper care too! Take care of the water condition that you keep your goldfish in, provide them with enough space and definitely feed them with quality food.

Remember this: A life is a life.

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