Python No Spill Clean & Fill – Solving the top 2 hassles in fish tank maintenance

FIsh Tank Maintenance Headache

Can you relate to the image above every time you do your fish tank maintenance? Has it been the same inconvenience of lugging around pails of water to and fro the fish tank, spilling water everywhere and then having to mop or dry the wet floor afterward?

If yes, then you need to continue reading this, because there is a way to make your fish tank maintenance easier, and that is through a product called Python No Spill Clean & Fill.

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An overview of the product

Python No Spill Clean & Fill


  • Product: Python No Spill Clean & Fill
  • Product Dimensions: 15″ x 15″ x 2″ (2.8 pounds)
  • Product Components:
    • A hose (available in 25 ft, 50 ft, 75 ft or 100 ft)
    • 10″ Gravel Tube
    • Switch
    • Hose Connectors
    • Faucet Pump
    • Brass Faucet Adapter
  • Additional Info: The components are also sold separately. The gravel tube can be extended and is available separately in 20, 24, 30, 36, 48, and 72 inches.

Fish Tank Maintenance

Fish tank maintenance is definitely an important aspect of the fishkeeping hobby. It ensures that your fish tank looks clean and clear, and more importantly to maintain a healthy environment for your fish to dwell in.

Goldfish Tank

I would separate fish tank maintenance from filter maintenance, as I think they should be done at least a few days apart to ensure that there is no big loss of beneficial bacteria from your fish tank.

So basically these are the activities involved in a fish tank maintenance routine:

  • Water Change: To remove dirty water (and Nitrate) from the fish tank and refilling it with clean water
  • Gravel/Sand Cleaning: To remove dirt, debris and fish wastes from the gravel or sand
  • Fish Tank Glass Cleaning: To remove algae or debris that are sticking to the glass
  • Decorations Cleaning: To remove algae or debris stuck on decorations, plants or rocks

Of all these activities, Water Change and Gravel/Sand Cleaning are the most important and need to be done more frequently as they affect the water quality of your fish tank. These 2 activities too, are more troublesome… and these are where Python No Spill Clean & Fill can come to your rescue.

Python No Spill Clean & Fill

The Top 2 Hassles in Fish Tank Maintenance

1) Water Change

Not everyone has their fish tank set up next to a water source. Most of the time, there is a distance between the fish tank and the water source which is usually located in the kitchen or the toilet.

So the more traditional way of doing water change is to use a siphon to remove the water from the fish tank to a pail or pails, then lugging them to the toilet or drain or plants (for the more environmental conscious ones) to dispose of them.


Then unless you are a pail-man or a pail-lady (someone with lots of pails), you will use the same pails to collect the clean water and then lug them back to your fish tank for refilling. Gosh… I got tired just by writing this, not to mention the mess of water spillage from all the lugging around.

2) Gravel/Sand Cleaning

Gravel/sand cleaning can be made easier with the right length of gravel tube, and a good suction. If the gravel tube is too short, smaller sized gravel and especially sand can easily get sucked out of the fish tank. If the suction is too low, it will not be able to remove dirt or debris from the gravel/sand effectively. So you end up “stabbing” your gravel or sand with your gravel tube or siphon.

That is why a balance of both the gravel tube & suction is important.

Python No Spill Clean & Fill to the rescue!

Let’s take a look at how Python No Spill Clean & Fill system works in the video below:

Incredible isn’t it? The package include everything that you need and with easy installation and use as well.

Depending on how far your fish tank is from the water source, you can choose the length of the hose accordingly. It is being sold in 25 ft, 50 ft, 75 ft or 100 ft. You can even extend this length by connecting other hose via additional connectors (sold separately).

The faucet pump gives this system the capability of suction to remove water from the fish tank directly to the sink or drain; and to reverse the usage to filling up the fish tank directly from the faucet. See…water change made easy! No more pails or lugging around required!

When in suction mode, the faucet pump is able to provide strong suction. Together with the gravel tube, gravel/sand cleaning feels like a breeze.

Suction too strong or you want to stop cleaning? Well.. there is a switch to lessen or stop it. How convenient is that?

What about if your gravel tube is too short for your tank? Well.. there are the same parts with different lengths to choose from.


Python No Spill Clean & Fill is definitely a tool to have to make fish tank maintenance easier. Although it is not able to wipe off that algae from your fish tank glass or scrub that rock, it does help tremendously in solving the 2 top hassles in fish tank maintenance – Water Change and Gravel/Sand Cleaning.

These 2 hassles are also what you will need to do frequently to keep your fish tank in a tip top condition for your fish. So why not get the help?

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2 Replies to “Python No Spill Clean & Fill – Solving the top 2 hassles in fish tank maintenance

  1. I can very well relate to cleaning the fish tank. I wonder where the Python No Spill Clean & Fill was all the years when I needed something like this. What a fantastic idea! This would be the ideal for me and my kids back then in the days when we kept a fish tank. My sister still keep one though with a few goldfish in it, so I will definitely pass on this information to her. I think she will love it.

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