A Trip to Chatuchak Fish Market (Part 2) – The aquatic pets, plants and equipment

About 3 weeks ago, I took a trip to Bangkok, Thailand. This is one my favorite cities in the world and I do try to visit it as often as I can as it is close to my country, Malaysia. I love Bangkok because of its culture, the people and of course, the food!

One of my favorite place there is the Chatuchak Fish Market, the biggest Thailand fish market for the fishkeeping hobby. This is Part 2 of my trip there.

Goldfish at Chatuchak Fish Market
Goldfish at Chatuchak Fish Market

In Part 1, I have shared a little about the location of this fish market, the best time to visit and some of the fishes that I have seen there. For a fish keeping enthusiast like me, the magnitude of Chatuchak Fish Market and what it has to offer are indeed a huge eye-opener.. and maybe a mouth opener as well.

Although this was not my first trip there, it still left me in awe. If you have missed Part 1 of my post, please click here.

Fishes are an integral part of Chatuchak Fish Market…
Fishes being an integral part of a fish market are widely available there. You can see them being sold readily bagged like these:

Cichlids in bags

Or in tubs like these:
Goldfish in tubs at Chatuchak Fish Market

Or in fish tanks like these:
Beautiful Goldfish TankThere are a lot of fish species available for sale there and you really have to check out Part 1 of my post to see more of them.

Well, we all know that the fish keeping hobby has spanned wider than just keeping fishes. There are other aquatic animals that are being kept too, and these can also be found in Chatuchak Fish Market. Oh, and let’s not forget about the aquatic plants, fishkeeping equipment, and accessories.

These are the focus of this post – Part 2 of my trip to Thailand’s biggest fish market.

The Aquatic Pets, Plants and Equipment

So many varieties of aquatic pets…

I noticed that one of the aquatic pets that is popular there is the Crayfish. They are being sold everywhere and come in so many colors!!
Crayfish at Chatuchak Fish Market

 Like the fishes, they are either readily bagged, available for choosing from the tubs and if luckier, they get displayed in nicely decorated fish tanks.
Crayfish in display tankAside from the crayfish, another type of invertebrates available here is the shrimp.  These shrimps are displayed in abundance, giving the tanks splashes of colors.
Fire Red Shrimps
Fire Red Shrimps

I have tried getting into the shrimp keeping hobby before but gave up after a few attempts as I never grasped the secret on getting them to stay alive. These shrimps are not cheap, mind you!

Yellow Shrimps
Yellow Shrimps

Keeping these shrimps are more demanding than keeping most fishes, well at least to me. They require very specific water parameters for them to dwell in.

So when I see all these, I was like “Wow….” and got reminded of my failures.

Orange Shrimps
Orange Shrimps

Oh well, perhaps one day… one day when I get my courage back, I will give shrimp keeping another try. For now, I will just look at their pictures, go “Wow” and feel sorry for myself.

Other aquatic pets that I came across in Chatuchak Fish Market are:

Red Eared Slider TurtleThese are Red Eared Slider turtles. I used to call them tortoises until I learned about the difference between a tortoise and a turtle.

A tortoise dwells on land, while a turtle spends most or some of its time in the water. See, you did learn something new reading my post, right? 🙂
Hermit CrabsThese are Hermit crabs. The shells you see are not theirs, but rather from some sea snails. They will claim empty shells as their homes to protect their vulnerable soft abdomens.

I only saw one shop selling them, so I am guessing that they are not so popular in Thailand.

There were also these:

Salamander at Chatuchak Fish Market
Salamander among others
Freshwater Eels
Freshwater Eels

Aquatic plants are in abundance here…

If you are into aquascaping, there are plenty of aquatic plants to choose from in Chatuchak Fish Market.
Bagged Plants in Chatuchak Fish Market

These are some readily bagged plants that are tied to driftwoods. The ones in polystyrene containers are mosses.

More plants available in the shops there:
Aquatic PlantsAquatic Plants

And of course, the equipment & accessories for the hobby…

Last but certainly not least, are the equipment required for the fishkeeping hobby. The varieties and the number of shops selling these are CRAZY!!

Chatuchak Fish Market

Looking for fish tanks, lightings or filters? Well, no matter what kind of sizes or designs, you can find them here at Chatuchak Fish Market.

Fish tank decorations

So many fish tank decorations and hiding caves for your aquatic pets to choose from.

Substrates and Filter Media

These are substrates and filter media being sold in one shop. Imagine, there are many more shops like these.

To be frank, my pictures are not doing this fish market much justice on the amount of fish tank equipment and accessories that are available there. I went into one shop which felt like a warehouse packed with all these, and I had no idea what most of them are for.

I guess I got too engrossed with the fishes and aquatic pets there, that I have neglected the equipment and accessories. Sorry…

Summary of my trip to Chatuchak Fish Market

This is Part 2 and the final part of my posts on my recent trip to Chatuchak Fish Market. As I mentioned, this wasn’t the first time I have visited the place but I still get amazed by the size of it, and what it has to offer to the fishkeeping hobby.

WIth its array of fishes, aquatic pets, aquatic plants, fishkeeping equipment and accessories. there is no doubt that this is the biggest ornamental fish market in Thailand and a “heaven” to fishkeeping enthusiasts.

I am very sure I will be visiting it again on my next trip to Bangkok.

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16 Replies to “A Trip to Chatuchak Fish Market (Part 2) – The aquatic pets, plants and equipment

  1. Wow ! Really great photos ! Fun post, I did learn something about the turtles, but also… they are just so cute. All these aquatic animals do need special care, I remember my niece had an hermit crab and it needed a warm and humid room, lots of shells to switch, specific kind of food to chew on. Very interesting creatures ! Thanks for sharing these photos from your trip.

    1. Hi Vic,
      Thanks for the comment. I haven’t kept any hermit crabs before, but I think they are interesting creatures. Imagine you go around having a new home anytime you want. 🙂

  2. Really beautiful pictures. I love going to the aquarium at the Union Station in Los Angeles.. It really relaxes me to watch the various fish swimming around. Unfortunately, I was never good at keeping my own fishes alive. But I do love the beauty and serenely that they bring.

  3. Your comprehensive post has shown me and educated me with many information I have never known before on the hobby.
    It is very good with explanatory photos that support your topic.

    1. Thanks Abdul for your comment. I am happy to know that my post was able to provide you with more understanding of the fishkeeping hobby and the commercial side of it.

  4. Wow, that looks like a fun place to go shopping at. And yes, I did learn something new about tortoises and turtles lol. I am not so much into the fish in the tank, but that photo of the tank full of water plants seems like it would be easy enough to take care of, and very pretty for those of us who cannot keep actual fish alive 🙁 Thank you for sharing this!

  5. Hi Alex,.
    Your blog is truly mind blowing. I am intending to go this market next month. Probably looking for plecos, ranchus & discus. Did you see any special plecos there?
    Thank you so much for writing up this post!

    1. Hi JB,
      Thanks for your comments. I do recall seeing discus and plecos there, but I am not sure whether they are of the rarer types. Anyhow I think you will enjoy this place, and find something that you will like. Let me know how your trip went, yah! 🙂

      1. hi Alex, I just came back from this market.
        Its truly mind blowing. Saw many types of turtles. I was so eager to get a few pig nose turtles but i knew i will have difficulties in bringing these babies back, so i did not get them. However, i did get a few discus, goldfishes & plecos back. Will go back again when i go bangkok. Thanks a million for your blog.

        1. Hi JB,
          I was so excited reading your comment. It reminded me of my own excitement when I was there. Chatuchak Fish Market is certainly jaw-dropping, don’t you think? 🙂 Anyway I am glad you enjoyed the place!

  6. Hello Alex:

    I like the blog you made since it carries with it more than a dozen information about the place. I’d like to ask though, would you know if they have a festival for fishes or say some competition for a fish category like koi’s or betta’s perhaps? Just wonderin’.


    1. Hi Des,
      Thanks for the comment. I am glad you find my blog informative.

      As for your question on fish festivals and competitions, I am not sure whether they do them in Chatuchak Fish Market itself. However I do know that some of these competitions are held in JJ Mall which is very near to this fish market. You can see where JJ Mall is from the map that I have included in my blog post.

  7. Hi Alex,
    I had visited the market 2 yrs back but did not see the fish market for time constraints. But your post was so well informed and full of important informations that i have marked one day for visiting the market. Hope i can buy some cool stuffs for my aquarium

    1. Hi Sumit,
      Thanks for your comment. This fish market is indeed really interesting for fish keepers, and so I do hope you get to visit it one day. Oh… and I have a feeling that you will be buying quite a number of aquarium stuff there. 🙂

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